"I love Alice's work and approach so much, because she's real, she's fun and she is sensitive to the reality that we all are different. Her live video streaming tips have helped me relax, and be more of myself and have got so much more increased engagement."

Carrie Eddins
PR Coach

 Are you getting in your own way when it comes to Live Video Streaming?

You ask yourself, what am I missing?

How do I know this is what you're asking? Yup, because I've been there, on the roller coaster that is entrepreneurship.


All the while, only wanting to help, to have a positive impact, and be a part of someone's success while generating an income. That's not too much to ask...is it? Of course not!


Instead, I was spending all my time, energy, and money on busy work...Sound familiar?


I've found another way...the not so secret way to success....Spoiler Alert, it's not another technology bit. It's not the right lead magnet OR a better landing page. Those things definitely have a place, it's just not the first place. If the tech bits, and products are not the first place, what is? People.


When you put people first in your business, your business transforms.


People have always and will always be first ~ It's people who need what you have to offer ~ It's people who will opt-in  ~  It's people who will buy.


And...It's people who see you Live Video Streaming and come to say hello.


You see? Live Video Streaming isn't something to fear, but something that frees you from the busy work of creating funnels, opt-ins, landing pages, and email sequences.


Live video is the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to reach your audience. All you need to do it talk to them! Not sure what to say? Overthinking and second guessing ourselves is a right of passage for entrepreneurs...and it can stop you before you ever get started.


That's why I created the Fabulous Live Video Planner. It's a game changer that will get you talking and connecting to your audience in a real way. 


Know exactly what to say and how to say it...Get The Live Video Planner Today! You'll be glad you did! 


"I recently attended a masterclass on Facebook presented by Alice and I was delighted with the content. I know a lot about content (more than the usual expert) so I was astonished to find some gems that I didn't know. If you're looking to get started with livestreaming then I recommend you book a call with Alice."

Sarah Arrow
Creative Director


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