Simply Fabulous Messenger Marketing Masterclass - Live on August 28th

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Why Messenger Marketing?

Why Not?

I've heard your complaints and you have some valid points. Here's the thing, done right, messenger marketing and bots are fabulous! So why then are so many of you anti-bot?


1. Bad Bot Experience -  You've interacted with a bot or what you thought was a bot, and it was annoying! You vowed then and there that you'd never annoy your people with a bot!

Bad experiences with messenger marketing are all to common right now. That doesn't mean bots are bad, it means the people that are using them are MISUSING them. Just like email marketing, some people will just get it wrong, which means if you get it right you'll have great success! 


2. More Tech and Automation - it's just too much, all these complicated marketing strategies are taking you away from what you really want to with actual humans. You just don't have the time to figure it out.

Automation domination is frustrating, especially if you prefer the less tech version of... well, everything! Yes, there are some complicated bots out there, that doesn't mean yours has to be complicated.

If you've ever set up an email sequence, you already have the basic foundations you need to set up a bot. It's not email marketing and you shouldn't use it as such, but many of the principles are the same.

Less is more when it comes to messenger marketing, which is great news if you prefer to tech-less!


3. How Would You Use It - You think it might be useful, but how? What would it do, how could you use it for the benefit of you and your people and NOT be annoying!

That's the big question, how indeed? First of all, understand the rules and best practices, then you start off simple (remember, less is more). Just like everything else in your business, YOU decided how much you use it and when to use it...or not to use it.

I'm confident that you can do this and do it well, for the benefit of you and your people. That's why I'm hosting the...

Simply Fabulous Messenger Marketing Masterclass

You'll learn -

  • The rules that rule messenger, which means you'll never misuse it!

  • Best practices, which means your bot will not be annoying!

  • 3 simple ways to use a messenger marketing bot, which means it won't be complicated or time consuming!

I'll also share a common  misconception about messenger marketing that will surprise you!

Register now for the Simply Fabulous Messenger Marketing Masterclass and feel fabulous about how you use messenger marketing


"I recently attended a masterclass on Facebook presented by Alice and I was delighted with the content. I know a lot about content (more than the usual expert) so I was astonished to find some gems that I didn't know. If you're looking to get started with livestreaming then I recommend you book a call with Alice."

Sarah Arrow
Creative Director

"I love Alice's work and approach so much, because she's real, she's fun and she is sensitive to the reality that we all are different. Her live video streaming tips have helped me relax, and be more of myself and have got so much more increased engagement."

Carrie Eddins
PR Coach


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