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3 Underused Ways to Generate Leads Using Facebook Live Video

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Nov 07, 2018

The biggest misconception of using Facebook live video is you need live viewers. This idea could not be further from the truth, there are so many more powerful uses for Facebook live video then just live interaction. Most people think that if they’re not getting live viewers they might as well use recorded video, which is a huge mistake. 

So, when it comes to Facebook, why is using live video streaming better then recorded video and how can you use live video to generate leads?

First let’s talk about why live video on Facebook is better than recorded video, even if you have no live viewers.

The first reason is that live video is Facebook‘s native video tool and therefore you will automatically receive better organic reach using live video versus uploading a recorded video. Regardless of the size of your audience, whether you’re just starting your page, or whether you have a pretty good start to begin with, your organic reach will be better using Facebook live video. And while organic reach is a hot topic of debate among Facebook marketers everywhere, as is live video…The fact is, Facebook gives priority to its own features, period, end of story. I’ve also never heard a marketer say they wish they had less organic reach.

The second reason that live video is better than using recorded video on Facebook is, regardless of whether you have live viewers or not, you still receive what I call authenticity credit when you use live video. Even when people are watching the replay of your live video, they know it is you, raw and unedited. If you upload a recorded video how many takes might you have done to get it just right or how many edits might you have made. Authenticity may be an annoying and trendy word that gets over used, but being authentic or being seen as authentic, has always and will always be a good thing.

Which brings me to my third point, live video is faster and comes with less stress. Now I know you might be thinking getting on live video is very stressful for you! Camera confidence is not something that comes natural to most people, so you’re not alone. Although, a little training and a little practice can go a long way in changing that. Unlike recording a video which takes way more time no matter how much Camera confidence you have.


There’s an expectation that when you’re recording a video, it’ll be better quality and you will edit your video to make it more seamless. I’ve recorded two minute videos to share on LinkedIn and those two minute recordings probably took me 20 minutes or more. I did several retakes, once I had a take I felt good about, I still had to do minor edits. Even if your take is fabulous, you edit out the beginning when you’re starting your video and the end when your stopping the video. All of this takes your precious time and some tech skills.


On the contrary, when I do a Facebook live video I prepare ahead of time like I would for recording and then I go live… if it’s a two minute video it takes me two minutes to do it and there’s no editing at the end, there is also no expectation that it’s going to be absolutely perfect.


That does not mean you don’t want your videos to be professional, because of course you do. It’s just that the expectations are much different between live video and recorded videos and those differences save you time.


Those are some pretty good reasons, don’t you think? 1. Facebook favors its own tools 2. Live video is seen as more authentic 3. Live video takes less time and energy.


So now you know the three main reason that you should use Facebook live video versus using recorded videos. Now let’s look at the three underused ways that you can use Facebook live video to generate leads for your business.

Answering Questions

Millions of people are asking questions on Facebook every single day. They ask questions on their personal profile and in groups. How many times have you checked your notifications for a group to see that someone asked a question and in the comments there’s 500 replies with links to people‘s websites or blogs…Do you think all those links get clicked? Is a link click your goal? We'll talk more about that in a minute.


These kind of questions are a really great way to boost the group engagement that’s for sure. But how helpful do you think most of those links are to the person that’s asking that question?


Let’s use a health question as an example, and you’re a health coach. Somebody popped into a group and ask about the XYZ diet and peoples experiences with it, because they’re considering using it.


As a health coach this diet might be on your do or don’t list...  what if you had done a 2 to 5 minute live video on your business page about the difference between XYZ diet and ABC diet, OR maybe a video on Who is best suited for the XYZ diet.


These quick 2 to 5 minutes live videos are part of the fabulous, fast, and frequent Facebook live formula that I teach in my free masterclass and you can find out more information about that right here. But the basic idea is that you will create a series of live videos that are in the time frame of 2 to 5 minutes long and answers your ideal clients most pressing questions or addresses their most pressing problems.

You have these videos and you see this question in a Facebook group, so what are you to do... You comment, Hi Suzy, I recently did a 3 minute video about the xyz diet... would you like to see it?


Asking them if they’d like to see it versus just posting the link is very important. When they responded yes to you, it’s a mini commitment, so when you send them the video, they are more committed to watching it.


 Let me say that again for those of you in the back… If you ask permission instead of dropping a link, and the person gives you a yes, it’s a mini commitment and they are more likely to watch the video or read the content that you send them.


Yes, I said send them and not post in the comments…
If they say yes, do not post the link in the comments, send it to them in a private message! WOW This is where some people push back….what do you mean? Won’t more people see it if I post it in the comments? More clicks, more views?


And, the answer is…possibly? Remember when I asked if you think all those links get clicked? And is a link click your goal? Let’s talk about that for a minute.


 If you want link clicks to work for you, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time dropping those links in as many places as you can…aka, spammer. I’m not saying you’re a spammer if you share a link someone asked for…I’m saying, that if your goal in posting that link is to get more clicks, more than the click of the person who asked for it, then you’ll need to be posting that link in a lot of places to make link clicks worth it.


 If your goal is to help the person asking the question…you can not only meet your goal, but you now have an opportunity to exceed your goal by connecting with this person to find out what lead them to wanting information on the xyz diet. Once you’ve engaged in a private communication (approved communication by way of their yes) when you message them the link to your live video, you can ask them what lead them to checking out this diet. It gives you an opportunity to learn from them, build a relationship, and follow up with them. In other words, this person becomes a lead. Link clicks are not leads, they can lead to leads, but an actual yes is always better than a possible yes.


 And, other people may very well chime in and say, I’d like that video too please, can you send it to me? Now you have more individuals that have given you an actual yes that you can begin communicating with…again, way better than a possible link click or a possible yes after the possible link click.


 Don’t forget to follow up with them in a day or two. Ask them what they thought of the video, you would appreciate their feedback, did it help them make a decision on this diet? If so, what information did they find the most useful. If not, what information do they wish were part of the video.


As a side note, I do want you to know that it’s important to mention the length of the video. Videos can be an hour long, when somebody is looking for tidbits of information, they don’t want an hour-long video. If you specify this is a three minute video, they’ll be more likely to say yes.


Remember, one on one conversations are the goal, it’s where the magic happens.


Customer Service

It’s well known that good customer services leads to better customer retention as well as more sales, and live video can help you with that too!


I have a support group in Facebook for my paying clients, do you? Just yesterday one of them reached out to me with a question, so we hopped on a call and we got the basics worked out, and she still had a couple of more questions. I hopped on a Facebook live video in the support group to answer her questions. This video now lives in this group for ALL of my other clients. Anytime someone asks me that very question I can tag them in that video or message them the link.


 Another side note, if you are running Facebook groups, whether they are free groups or member/clients only groups, make sure they are linked to your Facebook business page. This is very important, the interaction and engagement that you received in these groups also affects the rank of your business page, that’s right, you get credit for your business page having this group with active people in it.


That's why I love using Facebook live video versus recorded video to handle customer service questions, it increases your visibility!  Not only does it give you the ability to communicate live with your community, with your clients, and with your ideal clients, it adds that authenticity credit, it increases the visibility of your page and of your group, all of which attracts more people to you.


If you're a product base business, you can use live video to create product tutorials on your business page. You send customers links to the live video when they purchase your product. in the email verification, you can say thank you for your purchase, here's a two minute video on how to use this product. Every customer that watches the live video increases your views and your organic reach, all while providing fabulous customer service :) 



Webinars and training's are a popular way to generate leads for your business while providing value to the participants. Why use Facebook live video instead of a webinar platform? With a webinar platform you have to get set up with the right software and the right program and you have to learn how to use it. There’s a learning curve with just about everything, but Facebook lives learning curve is so small, even if you’ve never done it before, it’s less complicated than a webinar platform and less expensive…Facebook is free 😊


 Let’s look at how this would work. If you’re going to use Facebook live video to deliver a webinar style training, you’ll want to set up a free Facebook group if you don’t already have one. You can do the training on your business page, but a closed group that people have to opt into is a better way to generate leads.


You'll also want to set up a landing page to capture names and emails. You can set up the page where they register for the webinar, and then send them the link to the group in your email sequence.


Groups have the ability to ask questions of members requesting to join. Ask the question, what email did you use to register for this free training. That way you verify that people have registered and if not, it may prompt them to provide it.


 I don't require people to provide their email, I leave it as an optional question, if they're in my group, I'll have other opportunities for them to join my list. I also if they'd like to receive training reminders via email or messenger. I also clarify that opting into receive reminders does NOT opt them into a general email list. 


Your goal is to build a relationship with know, like, and trust. Be friendly, inviting, value driven, and you'll be fabulous. Don't be pushy, salesy, or spammy, this turns people off and breaks trust.


My free group is where I deliver my webinars, a.k.a. my masterclass on the fabulous, fast, frequent Facebook live video formula. I promote the training's right here on this blog, I also promote them on Facebook through my business page, in my cover photo, on my personal page and in other groups that allow me to do some sort of promotions.


 Remember those people asking questions in groups? You can follow up with those people to let them know you have a free training coming up and ask if they’d like access. If yes, send them the link to the group! You can also offer free mini training's to other group leaders with the explicit condition you won’t SELL anything, you’ll only offer additional freebies. Your additional freebie will be your webinar/training in your free group.


Pro tips: Make sure the webinar/training is packed full of useful and actionable items that your participants can implement right away, don’t spend more than 5 minutes telling people who you are, and if you’re going to make an offer, don’t inflate the price as a 30k value for 197 bucks. Make your offer appealing and answer any questions people have. And DO put a time limit on the offer. Time limits give people a reason to act now, and people who take action on the offer quickly are more likely to take action and implement what you’re teaching. You want action takers 😊


 As you can see, live video has many more powerful uses than just live viewers.  

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments on using live video to answer questions, provide customer service, and deliver a webinar training.

Until next time… stay fabulous,

Alice xo

Looking for a little extra help to with your live videos? Or maybe you have some questions, email me - [email protected] It will be me who replies back and not my auto-responder. 



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