17 Facebook Live Video Topic Generating Ideas: Never Run Out Of Things To Say Again!

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Mar 08, 2018

Do you sometimes, (and by sometimes I mean ALL the times 😉), find yourself searching for what to post on social media, what to blog about, or what to say on your Facebook lives?

You’re not alone! Creating fresh content can feel like an impossible task some days…even for the most seasoned pros!

The most common reason I hear for not using live video streaming? Yup, you guessed it! “I don’t know what to talk about”! Well, I’ve got you covered for ALL the times!

17 Facebook Live Topic Generating Ideas…You’ll Never Run Out Of Things To Say Again!

I love these ideas, because you can rinse and repeat this process every month, quarter, etc.… and never run out of fresh, relevant content again! Each of these topic ideas will provide you with a list of content ideas to use for your Facebook lives. You may also find that some of these topics are multifaceted enough that they can become a 2-part series or more! When all is said and done, you should be able to come up with enough content ideas to keep you live and visible for the foreseeable future! 


1.     Content Audit! If you have a lot of content, this one can take a little time, but it’s SO worth it! Review your social media posts, tweets, pins, lives, blog posts, lead magnets, downloads, landing pages, etc. It’s ALL content! Look at what received the most interactions, engagement, downloads? Create your initial topic list and continue adding to it over time with popular topics you discover.

2.     Group talk! Are you in Facebook groups related to your niche? Where your ideal audience hangs out? Have a look around, what have been the most popular posts the last 30 days? What questions were asked, what problems were identified?

3.     Ask your audience! Yup, just ask your audience what they’d like to hear/learn/see more of from you. You could post a poll on your business page or in groups where your niche hang out!

4.     FAQ’s – What are the most frequently asked question about your product or service? Make a list! If you’re newer in business and don’t have any FAQ’s yet, make a list of questions people should be asking about your product and/services.

5.     Industry Influencers: Follow influencers in your industry and read through the comment sections on their popular social media posts…I know, usually you hear stay away from the comments lol. In this case though, reading through comments can help you discover questions people have that you can now add to your list of live content.

6.     Updates/round ups: As long as you’re following industry influencers, look at the hot topics and breaking industry news that they are sharing and give your audience a break down of who’s talking about what and why they should care.

7.     Who to Follow: Tell your audience about people who are doing fabulous things they should know about. Keep a running list that you can add to when you find someone new!

8.     Resources: Compile a list of relevant resources for your niche and do a monthly top resource episode or series. 

9.     Expert Interview Series: If you’re a business owner on social media then you belong to networking groups! Make a list of (relevant to your audience) experts that you’re connected with in these groups. Reach out to each one and let them know you’d love to feature them in a live interview on your Facebook business page! If they agree, you can even offer to do one for them! Bonus 😊

10.   Customer Interviews: This one can be tricky. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. Depending on the type of product or service you offer, there could be sensitive subjects and privacy issues. However, IF it is an option for your business, reach out to satisfied customers to see if they’d be interested in telling their story live on your Facebook business page! You could even offer them a special gift! For a B2B product/service provider this would work wonderfully!

11.   Guest Live: Like a guest blog post, you’d reach out to specialists or experts that are relevant to your audience, (networking groups are an excellent resource for this) that would be interested in a “page takeover” where they would go live on your page and, you could go live on theirs! You could do it as a takeover or Cross-posting! You’d be providing valuable content for your audience, and increasing your reach. It’s win, win for you and your guest live-streamer!

12.   Reviews: Read any great books, tried a product or service that’s relevant to your niche? Do a live review! Reviews are popular, shareable, and people love them!

13.   Step by Step: What things does your audience want to know how to do? Go live and give them the step by step they need to know to do the thing they want to do! Not sure what they want to learn? A little research into you niche should turn up a couple of how to’s you can add to your list of content ideas!

14.   Myth Buster: What are some common myths, misconception, falsehoods, stereotypes, etc.… that plague your industry? Make a list and set the record straight!

15.   Industry Annoyances: Make a list of the things in your industry that ANNOY you. Chances are if it annoys you, it annoys some of your audience too! If you’re particularly brave, you can make a list of people in your industry who annoy you too…I am soooo not that brave lol

16.   Common Problems: What are some common problems that people in your niche have that you can provide a solution for? Go live and share the answer with them!

17.   Seasonal: Holidays and seasons are regular occurrences. What could you plan ahead? Is there a seasonal or holiday theme you can tie into your niche? New year new you 😉 anyone? lol

You may find that a particular topic is so popular you’ll want to use it multiple times and in a variety of ways! Re-purpose your most popular topics into blog posts, podcasts, LinkedIn articles, etc. All linking back to each other and you, giving your audience multiple ways find and consume your valuable content!

Want more ideas?

Download 52 Fabulous Facebook Live Ideas  and have an entire year of live video content at your finger tips!

Stay fabulous,

Alice xo


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