Live Video: How To Get More Out of ALL Your Content

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Jul 12, 2018

 As a business owner, you have content. At the very least, you have a lead magnet, blog, website, and social media profiles. If you're a savvy business owner, you're building a list, which means you send emails...which of course contain content.

Not only is this content you already have, it's content you'll regularly be creating in the future. It's the never ending content cycle of business. Seeing as you already have and will continue to create this content...wouldn't it be fabulous if you could make that content more valuable to your people? Good news...You can!

Many business owners think of live-streaming as a tool for people who want to "get viral", "get famous", put on a "performance". But live video streaming is more important than that. It's a tool that helps build relationships. 20 years ago, they called it building rapport, today it's called building know, like, and trust and it's the foundation on which successful businesses are built.

So what does all of this have to do with you getting more out of your content from live-streaming? Glad you asked;)

Live-streaming adds context to your content. The context of YOU. When you live-stream, not to get famous, but to give people an opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you, you are giving them a gift. The gift of context. 

People value relationships more than businesses, people value people, more than products, and services. By going live and giving your people the opportunity to get to know you, your voice, your smile, your laugh, your sense of humor, or your sarcasm, you are giving them a gift!

If your goal is to make a difference in someones life, to help them solve a problem, or accomplish their goals...people need to know you. I know we focus a lot in business on knowing our ideal customer, which is super important!!! But do not overlook the value of people knowing you...

Think about the people you know well in your life, your family and friends. When you get an email from them, you open it, you laugh, cry, or shake your head. Maybe you even say oh, that's uncle Joe for you! lol

Because when you read that email, or the social media update, you can hear their voice, you can easily detect their sarcasm, or sense of humor. You can do this because you've experienced it live and in person. You understand them, you get have the context of them!

It feels good to understand someone. It will feel good to people when they understand you. They will feel more connected to you. When they open your emails they'll read them and hear your voice cheering them on. Making your emails more valuable to them. All of your content will be more valuable because people now have the context of you in all you do. Not just when your live-streaming, but because you've live-streamed. Make all your content more valuable to your community and start live-streaming today!

Now that you know the value that live-streaming can add to your business, you might have a few questions like...

Do I have the right personality for live video? Yes! I say this confidently because your people want you, as you are, whether you're the super energetic type, or more laid back! Remember, people value relationships, and live-streaming is the ultimate relationship building tool!

Will people watch my live videos? Of course they will! Show up consistently and your community will look forward to seeing you...they'll even count on it!

How do I get started? That's simple (not easy, but simple) you make the decision!

What about the tech? The tech can be easily learned. No need for fancy or expensive equipment. Most people already have everything they need to get started...and they already know how to use what they have!

What will I talk about? Whatever you want! Seriously though, what content does your community like now? What topics do they gobble up? Start there, test out different topics, and you'll see what your community likes best!

Want more live-streaming ideas? Download 52 Fabulous Live Video Ideas and have an entire years worth of live content at your finger tips!

Stay Fabulous,

Alice xo





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