Go Live on Facebook With 4 Basic Tech Tools That Won't Break The Bank

One of the most frequently asked questions about live video…What equipment do I need? What’s the best microphone? What’s the best lighting?


 If you’ve been wanting to go live and have been putting it off because you’re not sure of the tech…I’ve got you covered! Once you go live, optimizing your lives is the next step.


In today's post, we’ll cover ALL the basics you need to get your biz live without tech overwhelm, and just as importantly, without budget overwhelm!


As a business owner, I understand the desire to present yourself in the most professional way possible. You want to build authority, be the person your audience looks to when they need answers. Here are a few ideas to get you talking.


Being professional doesn’t have to break the bank! It’s my belief, that you shouldn’t invest a lot of money into something new, especially when you’re not sure how you’ll use...

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