Why Confidence on Camera Makes You Cringe

Are you struggling with the idea of using live video because confidence on camera isn't for you?

In the vast online business space we hear a LOT about confidence, how to build confidence, how to do xyz with confidence, and when it comes to live video, confidence on camera is all the buzz! Does all this focus on confidence make you cringe? Let's look at a why this might be happening to you.

You're a heart centered business owner...That's right, when your passion is to serve others and make a difference...putting the focus on your confidence can feel uncomfortable.

Confidence on camera puts the focus on you feel, how you present yourself, you, you, you. 

Even if your not focused on confidence, just putting yourself on camera can make you feel like the center of attention, like it's all about you. So many everyday business owners, just like you, are struggling with the idea of using live video for that reason. 

Live video is a powerful tool that can help you connect...

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