How To Successfully Live-Stream Q & A's, Even If You Have No Audience

Hosting a live-stream Q & A on Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to use live video in your business, yet many business owners shy away from it. They either have no audience or a small audience, so they fear no one will show up! Yikes! Can you relate? I sure can! No one wants to be left looking foolish if there's no one there to ask you questions during a live-stream set up so people can ask questions. That would be embarrassing, and you'd like to avoid that, so would I ;)

In this post, we'll look at the 4 most important reasons to be doing live Q & A's (spoiler, it can actually help you grow your audience) and how to avoid the embarrassment of no live viewers to ask the questions you have the answers to!


Why you need Q & A's 

1. Relationships: Hosting a live Q & A is an opportunity to have an open dialog with your audience. This open dialog creates conversations and develops know, like, and trust.

2. Authority: Hosting a live Q...

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