Fabulous Live Video Masterclass 


Are looking to connect with more people in a meaningful way to grow a thriving business?

In this FREE masterclass, I'll share secrets with you for using live video to:
  • Be Seen as an Authority
  • Build Credibility and Social Proof 
  • Grow an Engaged Community
  • Generate More Leads & Sales
I'll show you how to do all of this in 45 minutes. No drawn out painful training's, just you, me, and the real deal on how to use live video to build a thriving, connected community.

Here's what people are saying about the masterclass

"I recently attended a masterclass on Facebook presented by Alice and I was delighted with the content. I know a lot about content (more than the usual expert) so I was astonished to find some gems that I didn't know."

Sarah Arrow
Creative Director
Take the masterclass to discover the gems that will have your business thriving with live video

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