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A snapshot of me...Mom of 3, new grandma, live video streaming, blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, and finder of fabulous ;) Nice to meet you!


Entrepreneurship was something I was always drawn to, even as a teenager, I made and sold crafts with my mom. I always did my entrepreneur thing as aside to a full time job. I always felt a bit out of place as an employee, some might say it's because I'm stubborn, and that may very well be true...but really, for me, it was always about kindness and respect.

Every job I ever had, I was promoted to trainer almost immediately. Most managers found it annoying to train the new people, not me. I loved people, and I really enjoyed helping them to be successful at their job.

I always put in 100% and took pride in my work no matter what, until...

In 2004 I was working a sales job for a small company, I was a single mom, yet went above and beyond regularly. Always on time, rarely took time off, took on extra responsibility without extra pay. This place and the people, were like family...until they weren't.

My daughter had become seriously ill, she was hospitalized in a comatose state, and she could have died. It was the single scariest moment of my life, and still is to this day. 

I called my employer, to let them know what was happening and that I obviously wouldn't be in. Their reply left a lasting mark in my memory as it broke my heart...Are you sure you can't come in? ugh...I'm sure!!!

My daughter recovered and is a happy healthy young woman now, and an amazing new mom, and I couldn't be more proud of her and the person she is today.

After that moment, the are you sure moment, things were never the same. I knew I'd be my own boss sooner rather than later, and I struggled to stay present at every job since. 

Throughout the years I’ve met so many others that have had similar experiences and it made me sad.

Everything I've done is to counter that sadness, to lift myself up while lifting others up...that's where the fabulousness comes in.

I want to feel fabulous in how I support my family by helping others to feel fabulous about how they support theirs. It’s fabulousness all around ❤️

That's what Fabulous with Alice is about. It's about real people connecting with real people to make a difference.

In today's automation domination, it's never been more important to connect as one human to another. That's why I love live video and use it to connect in a meaningful way with real people.

If you're a business owner or an entrepreneur who is looking to grow your business by connecting with real people in a meaningful way, I'd love to help you.

I can show you how to use live video and feel fabulous about how you grow your business.

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