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Welcome to Fabulous with Alice...I'm Alice, and I feel fabulous...how about you?

A snapshot of me...Mom of 3, new grandma, Live-streaming, blogger, podcaster, solopreneur, and master of fabulous ;) Nice to meet you!


To me, fabulous embodies everything that's good in life. It's how I feel when I'm with my family and friends, when I'm working with my ideal clients, or enjoying me time ;) It's also how I want others to feel when they're with me and when they work with me. Fabulous is the positive impact I want to have in the world. 

Who has a bigger impact on the world than anyone? Business owners and entrepreneurs of course, they are the heart and soul of the world we live in. I can think of nothing more fabulous than helping business owners achieve their dreams and create the positive impact they want to have in the world.

Live video is the most powerful relationship building tool available for business owners. It's not just now, it's the future.

It's how new people discover you, get to know you, and engage with you. It's how you provide value to your audience and turn them into clients.

It's how you deliver your products, it's how you provide customer service, it's everything.

At Fabulous with Alice, I teach business owners how to use this powerful tool in a way that's comfortable for you and valuable to your audience.


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